Fix McAfee Antivirus Technical Breakdowns through Revered McAfee Technical Support Service!!

Fix McAfee Antivirus Technical Breakdowns through Revered McAfee Technical Support Service!!

Changing McAfee Firewall settings is not a herculean task as you can easily go on changing its settings by the use of right steps. However if you are not aware of the right process, then it can be a big problem for you as in this case you want to call McAfee antivirus technical support number to get sound solutions, However the other alternative you can use in order to change these settings are as below:-
  • First Right-click on McAfee logo and then you need to choose the option Change Settings Firewall
  • Now choose the option Internet connections for programs
  • After that choose Edit and if you do not find the program then choose the Add button and then choose Browse to select the application
  • Now you can easily change the settings as desired by you
If you are the one who are likely to change these settings then you can easily do that with the help of the above stated information which is crucial for you. However if you do not know the right settings, then the best you can do at this situation is to call the customer support officers and proceed to change your Firewall settings. Hence do not be perturbed anymore over your McAfee antivirus change settings and call McAfee antivirus technical support helpline number straightaway.


Virgin Atlantic is an British Airlines with its headquarter in Crawley which is in United Kingdom. It is the merger of two airlines that is Virgin Atlantic Airways limited and Virgin Atlantic International Limited which both hails from Britain. This airlines was developed in the year 1984 and named as a British Atlantic Airways. The main founder of the airlines is Randolph Fields and Alan Hellary. His service was first launched to take off between London and Falkland Islands.

Procedure to book tickets in Virgin Atlantic Airlines with quick steps :
If anyone is searching for the booking of air tickets from the Virgin Atlantic then he or she need to follow these given simple steps which are as follows :

Step 1: Open your personal computer system.
Step 2: Now launch your free web browser in the system.
Step 3: In the search bar enter the and make and enter.
Step 4: Now a official page of the virgin airlines will be open in the system.
Step 5: Click on the home page of the site.
Step 6: There search for the booking tab present over there.
Step 7: Open the tab and search for the date when you are looking for the booking of the flight.
Step 8: Now enter the journey source and destination in the required field.
Step 9: Then put the number of passengers you are travelling for the same.
Step 10: After filling all the details just click on the search option.
Step 11: Now it will display the number flights between the sources and that too with the time and fare charges of the flight.
Step 12: Choose the relevant date and flight and click on the submit option, which will redirect you to the payment gateway.

Now as all your important data has been filled in the required fields. And now you can pay the bill through the card or by internet banking process. And finally your ticket has been booked successfully, as a messages will also be displayed infront of you. And if feel any difficulty then call to Virgin Atlantic booking phone number’.
How to fix Facebook authentication failed?

How to fix Facebook authentication failed?

You cannot start your day without using Facebook. Sometimes users face some authentication failed errors while using their Facebook account. They are unable to access their Facebook page. Are you one among those who are facing Facebook authentication failed errors? Then don’e be confused and apply the following step by step procedure to fix your problem:

Check Internet connection

First of all, you must need to check the internet connection. If you are using mobile data, then switch it into WiFi connection.

Clear cache and data

Does your internet connection is not a exact problem, then you can apply the next step where you can clear cache and data of your Facebook app. For this, apply the following steps:

First of all, go to the Settings menu.
Now tap on the Application Manager.
Now tap on the All tab option.
After that, choose Facebook under the All tab.
Now tap on the Clear Cache and then Clear Data icon to complete the procedure.

Reinstall Facebook app

If the above steps do not work, then you can uninstall the Facebook app. After that, reinstall it with a latest version according to your device. After installation, restart your phone and try to login again.
Are you not capable of resolving Facebook authentication failed problem with the above given steps? Then what are you thinking? Contact Facebook technical support number and obtain the highly reliable support from the certified technical experts. These supportive numbers are available at 24/7 hours.

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How Does Facebook Live Stream Work

How Does Facebook Live Stream Work

Facebook has come up with new feature in the news feed, a live streaming option which allows the individual to upload videos strait to the fecebook, earlier which was only possible from ios and android phones.
Open your Fecebook profile go there where you write post, here you will see the option live video.
Once you click on it, you will asked to allow camera and microphone access this is one time which will go live the very first time, then click continue.
Fecebook will start checking the connectivity this is the time when you will have to choose your privacy settings –public, friends, your office people, and special friends, only me this will help you to choose with whom you are interested in sharing the video.
Now you have to describe your video which will be the caption of your video after this click on go live.
Now you start recording by clicking on go live and the Fecebook will give you the countdown 3,2,1 and you will be on Fecebook news feed if you want the camera in the selfie mode as well you can make the changes by rotating it .
As soon as you are on the Fecebook’s newsfeed you can see the time on the time since you have gone live and the number of responses through likes and the comments popping at that point in time.
To complete this click on finish you will be no more live, however your video will stay there as your other posts for later reference you can save it to camera as well.
The important thing you can later go back on the news feed and make changes as per your requirement – you can change the caption, change the privacy settings and also can delete the same.

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how can gmail be improved : 10 Things to Fix

how can gmail be improved : 10 Things to Fix

VOIP:- with free calling available only to the United States and Canada. Google unveiled a voice-over-IP service for Gmail 
No Title

POP Retrieval Needs Improvement
Gmail only checks for new POP e-mails sporadically. And in order to quickly check to see if new messages have arrived, users must go into the e-mail program's settings pane.

POP Retrieval Needs Improvement

Enterprise Functionality—to a Point
Enterprise Functionality just $50 per user per year. this is cheap option and it allows for storage of up to 25GB

Enterprise Functionality—to a Point

Tabbed E-Mail Works Better

Tabbed E-Mail Works Better

Subject Confusion Can Be Annoying

if a user has several unrelated e-mails that have the same subject line, Gmail can sometimes get confused and lump them all together  

Subject Confusion Can Be Annoying

Priority Inboxs Promise

Its Allow users to categorize important e-mail messages.

Priority Inboxs Promise

Expanded Labs Integration

Expanded Labs Integration

More Customization Options

More Customization Options

Improved Docs Integration
Google announced that users can now search for both e-mail messages and Google Docs files from within Gmail

Improved Docs Integration

Get Rid of Buzz
Google Buzz, into its e-mail program was a suspect one from the beginning. It's time for the company to moves Buzz out of Gmail

Get Rid of Buzz 

Note : this presentation is reference by so if you are interested to need more help or information you can go through website for more help and also interact with tech support team for any other service in gmail.

MSN-How To Get A New Password For It

MSN-How To Get A New Password For It

Everybody desires for the email application that would be a complete package for them.Msn could be the better example of this where the users may share the files with large attachments and even send the messages with feature of large data storage.There may be some situations when the users may confront with certain bugs.To solve such bugs there is a technical team that works through the complete day to come up with unique solution.
Several problems are there that has been solved through the customer care team but here users may see discussion over one of them:
What would be the method to change password for the MSN account?
  • It is first required to click over the “Reset your password” link
  • Individuals may now come up reason for setting up the password
  • There is now need to click the button for “Next”
  • Users are now need to enter the current email address and password
  • There is now required to enter the characters that will appear on the screen 
  • In conditions when the users would have some security settings for their email account, the verification code would appear on the phone number or alternate email “ID”
  • The password for MSN could set again from there
Those who are not satisfied with the solution that has been provided above,they could do the instant connection through the support team through dialling the MSN technical support number that would be easy to find over the customer support site.Through dialling this technical number,users would be in direct contact of the experts who used to have deep knowledge.In exchange of getting help,individuals would be charged through some money that is quite low and paid through anybody.
how to enable gmail 2 step verification

how to enable gmail 2 step verification

Open Gmail and go to your account settings.
Gmail account setup step 1

Then go to security. On 2-Step verification click "Settings".
Gmail account setup step 2

Click "Start Setup".
Gmail account setup step 3

You'll get a text-message on your cellphone with a code. Enter the code.
Gmail account setup step 4

Click "Next".
Gmail account setup step 5

Click "Confirm".
Gmail account setup step 6

Click "Do this later."
Gmail account setup step 7

Next to "Mobile application" select Android or iPhone.
Gmail account setup step 8

Gmail will show you a QRCode.
Gmail account setup step 9

Open the Authy App and on the sidebar click the "+ Authenticator Account". Click "Scan QR Code" and use your camera to scan it.
Enter the "Token" that you see in the screen on "Code:", then click "Verify and Save". You're done.
Gmail account setup step 11

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